Victoria Fuller


whale93I am known for creating sculpture incorporating everyday found or reproduced objects in unexpected contexts. I am equally fascinated with nature imagery, and that is what I sought to explore in the whale sculpture which is recently completed and on public view.

After a Guild of Natural Science Illustrators talk, I was approached by a colleague, Julie Kulak, with the idea of creating a whale sculpture for Naperville’s Highlands Elementary. The whale is the school symbol. Some time ago, a young male student was afflicted with a terminal disease. The whale, his favorite animal, was produced in his honor. The school encouraged student involvement, so I came up with the idea to embed the whale’s surface with student-created ceramic tile sea creatures based on my drawings. You can see pictures of the process in a Facebook photo set.

The whale is permanently installed at Highlands Elementary School, 525 South Brainard Street, Naperville, IL 60540. Map.

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