Victoria Fuller




Digital Illustration, Maquette, work in progress

Commissioned by Sound Transit, City of Seattle mass transit

final shovel will be bronze (7 1/2′ x 8.5′ x 34′)

Finished whale.
Highlands Elementary Blue Whale Sculpture
Community based sculpture

Commissioned by Highlands Elementary School

I Want

I want drawing

preliminary drawing for ” I want”
sculpture commissioned by Arts In Transit, St. Luois MO.
colored pencil on paper

I Want 2.1

72″x 77″x 5″,
Steel, plexiglass, paint, found objects
Commissioned by Arts In Transit, St. Louis, MO.

I Want - in snow

Peas and Quiet, a commission for Comed
– Fine Art Fridges, a Show of art on Refrigerators on Michigan Ave.

Peas and Quiet by Victoria Fuller 2 copy

Peas and quiet sketch2

Peas and Quiet - the making of -P7120079 copy

Peas and Quiet
70″ x 28″ 32″
Winterstone, wire armature on refrigeratorPeas and Quiet: “Peas and Quiet” is the title of the modified refrigerator art of Victoria Fuller commissioned by Comed and is a play on words relating to the phrase “Peace and Quiet”. Victoria combines the green concept of recycling refrigerators with the concept of growing plants that sustain us and the planet. Refrigerators keep what we grow fresh and so Victoria chose Peas growing on the vine to representing a vegetable that we grow in our gardens or buy at the grocery store and put in our refrigerators. The purpose of the oversized pea pods is to give the point of view of an insect in the garden. This sculpture was made with modeling stone like cement over a wire armature.