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A large-scale public sculpture commissioned by Sound Transit was installed in the city of Seattle at the Columbia City stop along the new transit line running from University of Washington to SEA-TAC Airport. The shovel is 35 feet tall and the blade measures 7 1/2 ft. by 8 ft. by 6 inches and is constructed from castings and manual replications of indigenous plants and trees from the tropics and northern climates. The diverse ethnic population of the Rainier Valley is reflected in the plants from different geographic regions that make up the shovel. The sculpture is also a reminder of the crucial role that plants play in sustaining life on our planet, such as producing food, medicine, oxygen, moisture, as well as providing beauty and enjoyment in our everyday lives.

( Thanks to the many assistants who helped me with this project.)

Community based sculpture
Commissioned by Highlands Elementary School
Naperville, IL.

The head of the whale is 9′ high and 6′ diameter, and the tail is 5′ tall and 3′ diameter, made of cement over a rebar and styrofoam understructure, and is painted blue. The project idea was for the whale’s body to be like the ocean that the sea creatures swim in. The 5th grade class, at Highlands Elementary, made sea creature clay tiles that were installed on the body of the whale. On the ground, surrounding the whale, is a cement slab representing water, stained a green-blue sea color with ceramic creatures also embedded.

Technical Consultant: Deborah Landry

( Thanks to the many assistants who helped me with this project.)