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Canoe Fan sculpture Canoe Fan-side-Ann Arb Pub Art CommCanoe Fan -side view 2-Ann Arb pub Art CommCanoe Fan-me in frnt of partial assemblyCanoe Fan-back-Ann Arbor Pub Art Comm-w peopleCanoe-Fan-Pic-taken-by-Glen-WiczorekCanoe Fan-closeup back- Ann Arbor Pub Art Comm

Aluminum Canoes, Aluminum base
36′ x 18′ x 24″
WE ARE TRYING TO FIND SPONSORS TO KEEP CANOE FAN IN ANN ARBOR – If you are interested in Sponsoring Canoe Fan please visit here:

“Canoe Fan” is Part of Canoe Imagine Art Project, sponsored by the City of Ann Arbor’s Public Art Commission and Parks and Recreation Department, and the Michigan Council for Art and Cultural Affairs.

Fabricator: Peter Davidson – Kingdom Bronze

Engineer: Ben Baer – Baer Associates Engineers Ltd

The design brings to mind the sun on the horizon, peacock feathers spreading, a flower unfolding, a Native American Headdress.

“The holes are a design element that renders the canoes useless, and allows wind to pass through. Boats symbolize passage from one world into the next. It is a portal and symbol of passage, unfolding, flowering.”

From: Lireo Design